It’s Time to Switch to More Energy Efficient Appliances

The term energy efficiency is used to mean using less energy to provide the same desired service. For instance, one may opt to use a compact fluorescent bulb, which uses less energy, as compared to an incandescent bulb, which requires more energy but produces the same amount of light as the fluorescent one.

Why is Energy Efficiency Necessary?

Research shows that electrical appliances account for over 35% of energy bills received every month in each homestead. For example, in the US, according to the data by the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC), it’s estimated that energy efficiency standards, have to a greater extent helped American homeowners save close to $2,000 per household. This has led to many home appliances manufacturers and government at large to shift their focus into producing energy saving and efficient appliances.  Here is how to shop for energy efficient appliances.

How Energy Efficient Appliances work

These energy efficient appliances, for example, refrigerators, water heaters, clothes washing machines etc., are designed to use less energy to complete the required task. Why It’s Time to Switch to More Energy Efficient Appliances.

1. Energy saving

The Energy Saving Appliances have been proved to save energy since they spend the minimum amount of energy to complete the required task, thus leading to energy conservation. The conserved energy can be utilized for other beneficial purposes.

2. Saves Money

By saving energy, these energy saving appliances account to reduced energy bills. This has been proved to cut at a greater extend, the spending spree both at home, workplace and in industries. The money saved can be diverted other meaningful purposes, hence improving one’s standard of living.

3. Improves the economy

While energy saving appliances help you save money, it also helps businesses and governments to save on a much bigger scale. These billions saved can be used on building and improving infrastructure which in turn create jobs. For instance, in America alone, 830,000 were created in 2010 through energy efficiency.

4. Benefits the environment

This has so far been proved to be the most benefit of using energy saving appliances. Using less energy helps us save our precious natural resources which in turn results to cut down on both water, land and air pollution. This in totality, leads to achieving sustainable development.

5. Enhances the quality of life

As much as we cannot see it, we can feel it. The quality of life improves with energy saving. Energy saving appliances have been designed and proved to be more convenient, hence, making life easier. They require less maintenance as compared to older versions. Furthermore, since they have positive effects on the environment, it means that we’re able to get cleaner air to breathe, which makes us healthier and happy.

It’s time for the whole world to turn to energy saving by introducing more efficient energy using appliances. Strict energy saving legislation needs to be put in place for manufacturers to adhere to. Although the initial installation of these machines may be expensive, the overall benefits are withstanding.

Bradley Smalley