Types of Power Tools

Whatever you were thinking about heavy-duty tools for your workshop, there are three types to keep in mind. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you want to think about the projects you are doing to find the right option for you. Of course there are more than just the three I’m going to mention, but these are the main ones used so we will go with them.

First or your cordless tools. These consist of drills, screwdrivers, and even nail guns. These are great because of course, you can take them wherever you go. You can walk all around your workshop or even your home without having to plug in anywhere. This is the main advantage. You can take these wherever you like and they are easy to carry up and down stairs and ladders. There are generally lightweight and have form-fitting handles to easily fit in your hand. There are of course a couple of downsides. One, is that they are not that powerful. They are good for smaller jobs, but anything heavy duty they will have a problem with. They can handle basic screws and nails without too much problem, but for larger projects you have to seek something heavier duty. Also, when the battery starts to drain, the device itself loses power. Then you just have to hope that you have a spare battery plugged in somewhere. If not, you’ll have to wait to continue the project.

Next are your corded drills. These are electric as well, but plug into the wall which means they are not quite as versatile. One of the main advantages of this option is that they are more powerful. Longer screws and bolts can be handled with ease. Since they are constantly plugged in, there is no fear of running out of juice. Another possible downside is that these get really hot after a while which can have an affect on your hands.

air compressor tools

The third option is not used quite as often, what is the air tool. These are lightweight like there cordless counterparts, but they are attached to a compressor. Companies like S & S Heating and Air use them when they do King of Prussia heater repair services , they need to use this method due to the heavy nature of boiler installations. Like the corded drills, they are very powerful. Most mechanics use these and auto body shops, because you can take out large bolts and lug nuts in seconds. This does not overheat because it does not contain the standard motor which also keeps it lightweight. It can be very versatile and small spaces. The disadvantage to this choice is that compressors can be quite expensive. And with it having to be attached to a compressor your range of activity will be generally limited.

Bradley Smalley